Union, passion and love

In our Company we work with passion daily to deliver fresh, delicious and healthy products, we innovate, we train ourselves, we study trends to satisfy the special needs of each one of you and conquer a special place in the heart of each one of our clients.

Through our gastronomy, we express the value of our family traditions, the warmth of home, the table dressed as a party for the family, grandmother's recipes, the love expressed in the preparation of each dish, family and friends gathered to strengthen family ties and friendship.

That we are! in each of our preparations

Latin Gastronomy

Fusing Cultures

Our Company is made up of women, united by family ties, knowledge, love for cooking and the fervent desire to make our Latin Gastronomy known by fusing cultures , rescuing traditions, flavors, colors, smells, textures and spices that are part of our traditions. .

We prepare our dishes taking into account the needs and preferences of each of our clients, with the same love, responsibility and care with which we feed our families.




We are an incredible team that puts the best of itself to make each preparation a true work of art; but without a doubt the most special ingredient in each of our preparations is love. This is our team and we are here to serve you.


This is what our customers say

Angie Morales

I loved the arepas stuffed with mozzarella cheese!

Yaumarilis Aponte

The best wine bread you've ever tasted. Very responsible. Thanks.

Liz Gutiérrez

Great taste, amazing quality, handmade with lots of love.

Sara Román

The flans are the best, an explosion of flavor in every bite.